Dragon force

Part 2



Dragon O- Force

Rodney was really excited about the opportunity that Jabberson had presented to him. The thought of going to the Moon, working in outer space, Jabberson believed that was every boy’s dream. Rodney told Jabberson that he wanted to play high school and college football, maybe even professional football like his dad and his uncle Ernie; This is what the men in his family did, football was in his blood. Rodney knew in his heart that one day he and Jabberson would be partners; He also knew one day soon he was going to the Moon. On the ride home the family talked and laughed about the adventure they experienced at Jabberson’s headquarters. He could not wait to get home and text Marcia, to tell her all about his visit to the research center. That was the first thing he did when he made it back home.

Marcia had some news of her own; She told him that Jabberson wanted to meet with her and her family the following weekend. Marcia was now 13 years old and blossoming into an exceptionally beautiful young lady. The two texted for hours and Rodney assured her that she would love everything about Jabberson’s facility. He shared with her how the meeting went. He talked about all the wonderful science going on at Jabberson’s. He went on about all the equipment used to communicate with the moon. He also had a chance to board one of the transport ships. Rodney thought it would be great if one day they could visit the facility together. Marcia thought that would be a great idea. Marcia was equally as gifted Rodney. She was the only person his age that really understood him, they were two unique children. She loves sports and science equally as much as Rodney, for those two, these were the most important things in their lives beside family. They were both on track to receive their PHD’s around the same time. Marcia was specializing in biological engineering, solid-state physics, particle physics and the most important of all plasma physics. Marcia was also a world champion martial artist in kung fu and Capoeira; she was one well-rounded, grounded, powerful, and beautiful young lady. she could have been a model, but she was much too smart for that.

The following year, they both received their PhD’s in their respective disciplines. They both turned fourteen in the same month of September, so they immediately went to work at Jabberson research and development labs, Marcia full time, Rodney part time; They both received a 3-billion-dollar grant each. Rodney’s went into a trust fund until he was done with football. He still received a nice check monthly. Rodney attended High school, where he was enrolled in an art class and physical education so he could keep his eligibility, in order to play football.  As a first-year student he played a key role on the varsity team and could have been a starter as a first-year student. This would be his life for the next few years, working part-time as an astrophysicist in the morning and participating in high school sports in the evening.

Rodney and Marcia, both were 16 years old now. Something special happened that summer. They were given the chance to visit the moon city. The two started training in January of that year. Training for the two youngsters was no joke. they both were very athletic, so it came naturally. Rodney took advantage of the training to beat himself up into shape for the upcoming year of high school football. He wanted to be in super condition for his junior year and he spent the next seven months doing exactly that.

The launch was schedule for June first. The two kids were super excited that they would be on the moon for the summer! The two would be traveling on a VIP tour ship to the moon city of Reciprocity. Jabberson had developed a very lucrative tourist business traveling to the moon city. It has everything, all the luxury accommodations of a 7-star hotel that would rival anything on the Earth’s surface. The city has bars, Clubs, restaurants and more; It was Vegas on the moon on steroids. A ticket to the Moon would cost a couple $400,000. They would host approximately eight hundred tourists a month, two hundred every 2 weeks. For the kids this would be a professional trip and a summer excursion. Both moms would join the kids on the trip to act as chaperones and parental supervision. This would be a chance for Mrs. Stiles to visit the research base on the moon and conduct a couple of experiments, during the 4 week-long visits.  As far as Marcia’s mom, her only duties would be to make sure Marcia is safe and have as much fun as possible. Twenty-four hours before the launch the two families spent the night at the launch facility. The Kids were so excited, they could hardly sleep the night before. They were both up early before Sunrise, but the launch was not until 8 am Pacific time. It was as though each minute was an hour, tick toc, tick toc very slowly the time passed. Finally, they heard the call to board around 7 am, they were all very eager and rearing to go. This was a magnificent ship/hotel this was very impressive vessel; It stood eight stories tall.

There were about seventy-five people aboard the VIP shuttle. Marcia and Rodney both grabbed window seats and made themselves comfortable as they waited for the 8 o’clock launch hour. 8 o clock rolled around. Kmound the pilot came on the intercom and explained what to expect. First, he instructed the passengers to buckle up; He went on to explain that the craft would rise vertically to 40,000ft about 12.19 km. At 40,000 feet he would engage the photon engines. The aircraft had the ability to reach the moon within an hour. The pilot said they were going to take the scenic route. That takes about 4 hours so the tourists could enjoy the outer space trip. 8:10am the craft took off vertically within seconds the ship was at 40,000 ft. the photon engines were engaged, the craft would cruise at a speed of 57000 miles per hour reaching the moon in 4 hours. When they reached the moon, they could not believe what they were seeing and where they were, on the freaking moon. This was the future. Marcia and Rodney spent the next four weeks performing experiments and doing research in their respective disciplines
 and having a lot of fun!

There was so much to do, 24 hours around the Clock activities and, little sleep of course. Like any other young lady her age she wanted to go shopping, and whatever Marcia wanted to do Rodney was more than willing to accommodate her. The two found themselves in a small boutique that sold souvenirs, made from precious metals mined on the moon. While in the shop the two discovered something else they had in common the love for Syfy and dragon mythology. Rodney bought Marcia a titanium Dragon necklace with two diamond eyes that were mined on the moon. He did not actually buy it because everything was on the house compliments of Arthur Jabberson, and likewise Marcia gifted Rodney a platinum and gold diamond dragon claw pendant with a gold chain necklace. The two vowed that they would never take them off; Those were some strong vows as the two faced each other Rodney leaned in and spontaneously gave Marcia a beautiful kiss on the lips, and she welcomed it. Marcia replied not too many girls can say that their first kiss was on the moon.

Just like that the four weeks were over and they were on their way back home

Marcia was working full-time for Jabberson in the physics research department. She had just turned sixteen and Rodney was the first high school football player with a PhD in mechanical engineering. By the end of his high school eligibility, he was 6ft 1″ 200lbs. and the number one recruit in the country, while still working on his radio wave propulsion system. After completing his high school football career, Rodney returned to Axum U as an undergraduate student. He had 4 years of eligibility to play college football. Rodney spent the next three years dominating the college football world. He was now about to turn twenty and had been voted the best college football player two years in a row as a sophomore and now as a junior. Axum won two college titles with Rodney as a running back. The professional league was knocking hard; This gave the young man a lot to think about, if he wanted to be like his dad and uncle and dominate the pros or be a fulltime scientist.

Marcia and Rodney went camping for the weekend to the mountains in the northern county, to discuss his future. After a three-mile hike through some rocky terrain, the two arrived and did not waste any time setting up camp. The couple loved being outdoors in nature. Their camp was about two hundred yards from the most beautiful lake you have ever seen. After about three hours of getting set up and just relaxing from the hike up the mountain, Marcia’s emergency alert on her phone goes off frantically warning of a huge fire on the mountain. The alert shows the fire is near where they are camping. The two had only minutes to react after receiving the alert. Shortly after getting the message, they started to smell smoke. Before they could gather all their things, they were surrounded by a wall of flames at least 60 ft high and about a three hundred yards away; Ironically neither Rodney nor Marcia panicked. 

Marcia immediately went to her tablet and pulled up a map of their location and an aerial view of the topography. They were going to have to hike out of the forest because all the roads where blocked by the fire. So, the two headed out on foot towards the black glass lake. Marcia informed Rodney it will be about 5 hours and a half hike through the forest, and they would be lucky if they make it. About 45 minutes into the hike the flames got closer Marcia started to complain about the smoke and became semi unconscious. That is when something started happening to Rodney. He could no longer feel the heat from the flames and when he observed the wall of fire there was a passageway, a tunnel, a clear pathway with flames all around it but they were not touching or affecting him in anyway. The young man picked up the 5ft 10” 140-pound young lady and threw her over his shoulder and started sprinting down the fire free clearance. Rodney was moving through the inferno as though he was part of the fire itself, moving at a speed that was humanly impossible. 

After about 45 minutes of navigating through the most difficult, treacherous rocky mountainous terrain, he made it through the blaze with Marcia on his back, without a scratch on either him or her. Rodney was not breathing hard at all. He splashed some water on Marcia’s face from the nearby Creek where they had come to rest. Marcia started to come around. She was stammering and stuttering asking what happened. She wanted to know how they got through the blaze. Rodney simply could not explain to her what had just happened. All he could say was I do not know. He insisted that Marcia calm down and relax. Rodney said, “Let us figure out how to get out of here and get some help.”  Both of their phones had been damaged from the intense heat of the fire. There was no way for them to contact anyone for help. They were going to have to hike out of the Woods. Along the way Marcia kept asking how did we get through that blaze, how? Rodney did his best to explain to her what happened. The fire just separated and made a pathway, an opening appeared in the fire, and I ran through it. It was like running through a tunnel; Marcia replied that is impossible, he looked at her and said, “yet we are here.” With the sun going down and no flashlight, it was completely dark and for some unexplainable reason Rodney could still see his way through the dark.

After about four hours of hiking through the woods the couple emerged onto the local Highway. The two looked like they had just run through a fire, dirty, tattered and exhausted they flagged down a State Trooper. The officer pulled over; The trooper started to inquire about the young couple’s safety. He wanted to know how they made it to the other side of the lake. It would have been impossible because everything was destroyed the trooper stated. Rodney simply told the trooper they were extremely lucky and fast. The officer took the couple to the local hospital, where they could be checked out and examine.

They knew their families would be worried because they were aware that they were camping in that area. The news reports were saying everything in that area was destroyed. The two contacted their families immediately upon arriving at the hospital. They let their families know they were perfectly fine, and they would be home as soon as possible

Marcia immediately got on the phone and called Arthur, to inform him of their predicament. Within 30 minutes after the Conversation with Jabberson, there was a black luxury van with tinted windows waiting to take them to a hotel, where they could shower, change, and prepare for their trip home to the city. Marcia had real influence with Arthur Jabberson. She was one of his top research scientists, or should I say the top research scientist in her field. After being thoroughly examine, the couple was discharged with a clean bill of health. The two prepared for their trip back to the city with an amazing story to tell. Part two, to be continued….



The ichneumon is the natural enemy of the dragon

Marcia Reis/Aka Lady O

Marcia is a gifted child genius who recived her PHD by the age of 14 in plasma physic. s Marcia is also a world class martial artist.

Rodney Orlando styles AKA Dragon

Rodney Orlando styles AKA Dragon O is a gifted child genius who received his PHD in robotic engineering. The young Stiles is also a gifted athlete.

The Helmet of the Dragon O

The Mask of the Dragon is not just a mask or helmet. This is alien technology that holds scientific wonders and other world magic, a source of power for Dragon O