Dragon force

Part 1



Dragon O- Force The protectors of Honor, heroes of the world. To understand what the Dragon O Force is, you must start with the childhood of Rodney Orlando Stiles, Rodney is the son of Soledad and Rich Stiles and big brother to Sophia Stiles, who Rodney is 3 years older than. Rodney comes from an incredibly special family. His mom has a PhD in mechatronics and robotic engineering and is one of the top scientists in the country. At a noticeably early age Rodney loved to accompany his mother to work. He would ask questions beyond any child’s imagination or capabilities, here is the strange thing, he also loved to shadow his father equally as much, at his place of business.

His father is also an incredibly special man. Rich Stiles is a Hall of Fame linebacker who played 15 years for the Arizona Football Scorpions leading them to two Super football world titles, but his real accomplishment is the hospital he founded in his old neighborhood. Stiles had made a lot of money he was a billionaire due to his success in business and football, he had invested hundreds of millions into this project. It was a state-of-the-art facility.

As a small child Rodney, loved being in the weight room or on the field watching his dad practice. His level of inquisitiveness at the team’s practice facility was the same as in the science lab, RODNEY was a gifted child. When it was time to start the first grade, his intelligence was so advance, he had to be placed in a special school. He attended The Bess School for the Gifted, where he met a lovely little Brazilian girl Named Marcia Reis. From the first day they met, the two would be inseparable. They spent a lot of time together because Marcia’s mom worked with Rodney’s mom at Carthian RDS.

Around this time Is when something changed in the children’s lives. When they slept at night, the two children’s consciousness would be transported into another dimension, this realm, this place where the earthly world was created was called Heliopolis. The deity that rules this World was called Oba-tala. He was the sky God. He had shiny Black skin like a polished opal, and a flowing white beard to match his wooly hair. In this realm there were 50 Children present. They were told that a boy and a girl would be chosen in the future out of the fifty children – twenty-five boys and twenty-five girls. One boy and one girl would be blessed with the power of their chosen totem and the infinite knowledge of the universe. They would walk the earth appearing as mere mortals with the power of the Gods. What was happening to the children, it felt like a dream, but it was real. The knowledge the children received was far more superior and advanced than anything in their world, but just like a dream they could only remember bits and pieces of their encounters.

They wasted no time to Start training. This was truly an accelerated learning process. The boys were given letters and the girls were given numbers. The first boy “A”, was paired with girl “four.” Boy “B” was assigned to girl “nine.” Rodney was assigned the letter “O” and was paired with girl “thirteen.” This is how the kids were identified in Heliopolis. There were twenty-five instructors for each group. “O” As he was known in Heliopolis and his partner “thirteen” were assigned expert teacher Seti. they would train night after night in every discipline imaginable and some even unimaginable. They would train in physical combat, spiritual combat and learn how to harness the power of magic. Expert teacher Seti trained the two in every discipline of science, chemistry, engineering, and robotics. Thirteen and O were taught biology and physiology with a war-like mentality and discipline. They learned everything.

There was no competition amongst the children just instructions from their Master Teachers, Sports were played, but only as games and instructional teaching moments. Every night for six earth years (24 years in Heliopolis time) these Fierce battles of academia, sports and learning would take place. Rodney had matured in the realm of Heliopolis into a young adult, educated with the secrets of the world.

In their first years in Heliopolis the children were told the mystical tales of the fifty-one totems. Upon graduation, each couple would have to select a totem to represent their pairing. The children learned that the couples would go on to do tremendous things in the world. One couple would go on to do extraordinary things beyond anyone’s belief. The time had come for the children to choose a totem. Thirteen and O got together, they both thought about it very carefully and they decided on the totem of the Dragon. Thirteen chose The Staff of the Dragon

and O chose The Masks of the Dragon. one day if chosen by the spirit of the totem the two could harness the magical energy of their spirit totem, which in their case was the spirit of the Dragon.

For the last 24 years, in Heliopolis time O and his partner Thirteen were under the tutelage of Master teacher Seti. Two days after choosing a totem, the two went to their teacher Seti and asked, why is there fifty-one totems and only fifty students?
Master teacher Seti went on to explain The Forbidden totem of the two-faced Ichneumon. The totem had been locked away for the last 12,500 years. It is the natural enemy of the Dragon, if ever unleashed an all-out battle would ensue for the soul of humanity on the planet, and the entire universe. Its only mission would be to destroy and enslave. This is a creature of tremendous power and mystical capabilities. The Ichneumon is what some in your world would call devil, fused with another totem it would be almost unstoppable hence the name two face. After a few more nights, the visits to the realm of Heliopolis just stopped.

Rodney was now 12 years old in earth years. People would always say this kid is mature beyond his years. He was just an ordinary kid in the perspective of just being a child, meaning just like any other 12-year-old boy that loves sports, he loves to be outside in nature, he loves doing the things that any kid loves to do. His favorite sport was boxing and basketball, but football was his second nature. Rodney was a gifted athlete not because of any magical ability, the kid just had it, aside from being a genius. By the age of fourteen he was on track to get his PhD. in mechanical engineering and had already received a master’s degree in astrophysics; besides that, he was just an ordinary young man.

Rodney attended Axum U during the day from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m… After school, a car would be waiting to take him to Valley Hills middle school. To be eligible to compete in middle school sports, he had to enroll in one class which allowed him to be eligible to compete in sports. This also allowed him to be around children his own age; He loved being a part of the middle school.

Rodney was now 13 years old; this is when he met Arthur Bobo Jabberson. Jabberson Owned Jabberson Industries research and development Corporation. He had heard about Rodney’s extraordinary intelligence through the science community and knew his mom very well.

About 20 years ago Jabberson develop the technology to travel at light speed. The technology was limited for small and medium-sized crafts and the distance they could travel was limited. What Rodney was working on was Radio wave propulsion. this was next level. Jabberson industries, a private company, was the first and only company to establish a colony and livable habitat on the moon. This would be their launching base for future space exploration. This endeavor was all done buy a private corporation with no government help whatsoever; the Moon base was a private owned settlement. Jabberson had been mining the moon now for about 14 years, everything from copper to Titanium, gold, iron, magnesium, and many other valuable resources from the Moon. The Jabberson Corporation was richer or wealthier than most countries. They had unlimited resources and unlimited access to the Moon. They were bringing tens of millions of dollars in mineral resources back weekly in cargo from the Moon. Jabberson had built a multibillion-dollar laboratory on the moon, to perform experiments that could only be performed on the moon, with its 17% Less gravity. Arthur Jabberson was an immensely powerful man; he was the first person to build a habitat on the Moon and he was reaping all the rewards. The propulsion systems that Jabberson research had developed allowed them to travel to the moon in hours, 2 hours to be exact.
Jabberson’s plan was to travel one hundred & eighty million miles to a planet that had been discovered that he called Caltentli which was an Aztec word that meant door. Arthur believed that young Rodney would be the one to develop the technologies to take them there, given what he knew about his work with radio propulsion. Arthur arranged a meeting with the Stiles family and invited them to Jabberson headquarters and laboratories. A week or so went by and Rodney and his family visited the Jabberson base. He was now 13 years old with one more year to complete his PhD in mechanical engineering. He was ready to go to work and super excited about the opportunity to be a part of the Jabberson team. Upon arriving at the facility Rodney notice it was more like a military base slash resort, miles in the middle of the Java Desert. You would have never known you were in the desert, the way they had transformed it, with waterfalls and palm trees. It was a magnificent sight; this was the actual base where they launched their missions to the Moon. This visit was not just a 2-hour lunch it was a 48-hour weekend recruiting trip. Jabberson wanted the young Stiles on his team, so he rolled out the red carpet for him and his family, starting with a grand tour of the entire base. Jabberson showed Rodney some of their most guarded secrets. He took the family to the control room and showed them how they communicated with the moon base. The room was filled with hundreds of monitors. They could see everything that was happening on the moon. Not only did they have a state-of-the-art laboratory on the moon, but the living accommodations, wow! were also something out of this world. Jabberson had created a 1500-foot dome that covered over twenty-five square miles, a real breathable, livable habitat. it was a city the same size as Vampton Hills and equally as beautiful. The whole weekend was geared around showing Rodney, there was no limit to what they could accomplish together. Jabberson went on to ask Rodney about his plans after graduation once he received his PhD. He knew the kid would only be 14 years old, but he was so impressed by this young man, who had already had two papers published in the leading scientific journal, on sound wave propulsion. They spent Friday night and Saturday night at the base enjoying all it had to offer and Sunday night they had a lavish dinner where Jabberson offered Rodney a 3-billion-dollar Grant if he would commit to go to work for Jabberson industries when he graduated. He also told him he would be the youngest person to go to the Moon and the riches. This was mind-blowing. This gave the Stiles family a lot to think about on the drive home. Part one


The ichneumon is the natural enemy of the dragon

Marcia Reis/Aka Lady O

Marcia is a gifted child genius who recived her PHD by the age of 14 in plasma physic. s Marcia is also a world class martial artist.

Rodney Orlando styles AKA Dragon

Rodney Orlando styles AKA Dragon O is a gifted child genius who received his PHD in robotic engineering. The young Stiles is also a gifted athlete.

The Helmet of the Dragon O

The Mask of the Dragon is not just a mask or helmet. This is alien technology that holds scientific wonders and other world magic, a source of power for Dragon O